Is this guy trying to get me back? Advice please?

•dated for 5 months but he was scared to commit. (1.5years ago)
•Also i was making all the effort and he was too into drugs
•Didnt have a car i had to drive him places
•we went no contact for 2 months however he bumped into my brother then ended up adding each other on facebook (i dont have facebook)
•He bumped into my mum 6months after and asked if im dating anyone she said i have been also that he said he hasn't dated since me.
* I bumped into him 8 months after and he couldnt stop telling me all the changes his made in his life. didn't ask me though. I told him i still care about him, then wished him all the best.
•i bump into him on valentines day at my work and i had flowers and he jokinly said 'are they for me?' And 'you shouldn't have' i just walked passed and smiled.
•my mum yesterday sees him at the shopping plaza and he says 'i was upset she didn't get me flowers' and then mentioned that his stopped drugs, his got a place to rent now and a car and a promotion at work. Mum asked if his dating and he said he dated one girl who was 'pretty' and so smart its 'intimidating'. Then he asked about me and how i am going, and if im still seeing the guy i was dating, mum said no.

Is this his way to try get me back?
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  • Kinda seems like he is. Since he talks about u to your family through social media and also when he sees them then he's obviously still into u and misses having u around


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