Rusty and Inexperienced, a horrible combination?

I have a weird situation, that I could use some opinions on. let me break it down.

I've been married for over 7 years. My marriage was great for about 3.5 years then we got into a rut, and started to not work out for the last 2.5 years, until we decided to end it in a friendly manner last December. We are now still roommates because we own the condo we live in, and I'm working on my citizenship which is much smoother if we remain legally married. We talked about the topic of dating and moving on, and both agreed it would be okay, but he said he doesn't want to know about my endeavors. with is ok with me, but just a complicated situation.

So Now..
I'm attracted to someone regardless of gender and I have had several crushes on girls, but have never actually been able to act on this. so I'm really unexperienced with girls. Guys have always been more direct with me, but I made a resolution with myself to not get swept into a relationship and stay single for a while. however, I'm currently hanging out with a girl regularly, and we text daily. we haven't kissed yet, but I'm interested.
she recently asked me after a really good date, if we were just friends or if we were gonna be romantic?
she said she was down to kiss/cuddle that night, and she knows I'm shy and all the other stuff, so didn't initiate anything.
it was a valid question, but I said I don't know. because I just got out of a super long and serious relationship and have a ton of drama along with it. I don't want to drag her along in that.

I'm pretty sure she's looking for a relationship, and I don't know if I'll want a relationship at all for a while.
Is it still fair for me to pursue her?

She said she'd wait for me to make the first move, which I've never had to do, so I'm kind of freaking out.. Should I?Rusty and Inexperienced, a horrible combination.?


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  • I would tell her something like
    "remember when you asked if we were friends or something more?, well I think I'd like something more. What do we do?"
    And let her take the next step.


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