My close friend's mum lost all trust in me now that were dating. After being close friends for 10 years Why is that?

I have been freinds with her for 10 years. Her mum always seemed to like me and trust me with her. We have been to many places alone, with freinds, and family. So why is her mum so untrusting now that were going on a date? It is like she does not even trust her own daughter with all those questions.
Last year my close female freind and I went to Disney land together with our season pass out of the blue one Saturday when we were hanging out early. Her mum did not even bat an eye. Now she is giving me the stink eye and though-ally grilled me with a bunch of questions before we left. Honestly I kind of feel lied to and betrayed by the mum. Nothing really changed.


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  • She is probably concerned about her daughter and only wants the best for her. It's probably not you she's not trusting towards, but maybe she's uncomfortable with the fact the friendship over so long as blossomed into something more. Maybe she doesn't want her daughter to be dating yet, or is worried about things not working out since you two are best buds, and sometimes things just don't click in the ways we hope.
    I wouldn't take it to offence. Her mother may just be overwhelmed about the change, and doesn't throughly understand how it happened.

    I'd recommend having a chat with her mom. Try to show intiative in bringing up this issue and ask what she thinks or why she is treating you differently all of a sudden.
    I hope your friends mom learns to accept and have a more positive outreach toward you soon. Change is hard for some people, but don't let that get you down. Try and work through it, and bring it up.
    Best wishes!

    • Thanks for the good advice. The last time I asked this with a girl. I kept getting chewed out by the girls.
      Hopefully next time I see the mum. She won't be so hostile and I will be able to talk with her.

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  • Well honestly that is a 180 for the mom but you do have to remember that is her daughter and you both just changed the relationship. The mom knows you as a friend not as a date for her daughter. She need to get to know that side if you. She has no idea what might happen and how you will now treat her daughter. Give her time it is a big change and one she will need to get used to. You are also a threat to her daughter. Before you did not want her sexually. Now you do that opens up a lot of doors of fears for her. Irrational and otherwise.


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