What is dating really like for Women?

Im going to be honest, from a male standpoint it sounds bliss in comparison to men.
My view:
1. They are always receiving male attention at least a couple times a week and always have guys messaging them on DMs, but thats fine because usually they leave a like at least.
2. They constantly have guys who like them (may not be mutual but usually have at least 1 guy) and as a result the guy usually goes above and beyond trying to impress her.
3. After receiving crazy amounts of male attention and rejecting, a guy she doesn't mind asks her out and she gets a free dinner/ lunch.
4. She decides if he won her over enough for her to even want to see him again.

Also as a side note, I've noticed many women develop a superiority complex regarding men.
they are so use to receiving male attention and having guys after them they begin to feel above guys because its the guys working to impress her.

So how accurate is this, where would you agree/ disagree?


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  • If the girl is lucky. In the real world, most women don't have the cream of the crop to choose from. There's a lot of competition and when you combine that with being selective, there's not a lot of room for a large pool of men to choose from.

    • Amen to that. The second a thin blond enters the scene I always know my days are numbered.

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    • As someone that has been on one (an in uno, single, less than two) date in the last three years I beg to differ with that.

    • @whattothink well just know its always worse for guys in that regard of equal attractivness

  • See for me i hate dating... cause girls also have to deal with males being dicks to girls, also male players.. for me if u flirt with me and things like that I presume the person likes me, but sometimes they don't they're just messing with you. Once a guy I liked flirted with me constantly for an entire year then I asked him out he rejected me and told me he was crushing on his male best friend (the guy I liked was bi). But before I asked him out he would constantly flirt, hug me, kiss my cheek and stuff like that, that's why I thought he liked me. Also cat calling I HATE IT!!! See girls do get attention from males but it doesn't mean they like it. So yeah there's my rant done 😂

    • But tou have to admit in comparison, female typically have it easier. I mean bad experiences can happen to anybody but its much more common for men in dating

    • Actually do u get cat called? Do u have to be afraid at walking at night? Do u have to deal with guys trying to use you for sex? Do u have to deal with creeps 24/7? Sorry but girls have it rough when it comes to guys. U aren't a girl so you wouldn't understand. Just Because u have to try hard to get the girl u like doesn't mean u have it worse off. If u try to impress a girl u are just the good 20% of the world cause most guys seem like they just want to mess with a girls head and use them for a free fuck. U don't need to suffer people trying to use u so don't act like ur suffering because u need to try. Girls want a guy to try so that the guy can prove they aren't like the 80% of arses in the world

    • Ok
      1. Its more like 80% of guys are good.
      2. Yes when i was younger girls bullied me for being fat ( was good cause it inspired me to workout.
      3. I have been catcalled by GIRLS plenty of times.
      4. yes i have been scared at night, just cause im a guy doesn't mean they won't try to fight me.
      5. As a guy you have to spend more time, money and attention where as a girl just does her and choose a guy when she likes.

  • From my perspective I get turned down by guys all the time (apparently being a bit chubby is a bad thing, the fact that they think I am the most awesome girl they have ever met doesn't influence them otherwise).
    The guys that want me only want to use me for a quick bang (no thanks), or to cheat on someone with (still confused on that one and again no thanks).
    I've always been the girl that's friendzoned, before that was even a word.
    And females hate me because I have a million guy friends and they think I want to steal their man (not my thing).
    So for me nope not the best experience.

    • Im sure its not that bad?

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    • And it's not due to being one of the guys. I know I have T&A for days and dress like it.

    • It's pretty bad girls face these sort of things every day

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