Hasn't called in a couple days?

I've always wondered what runs trough girls minds like "does she miss me?" or "is she still interested in me or attracted to me?" od "does she like me?"This girl I like texted me on a few days ago and we held a small convo, but I told her I was gonna call her back later because I was out with a friend. and she goes "alrighty, have fun on your date." Last time I hung out with this girl, I could tell she was attracted to me like she would stand really close to me and hold eye contact and giggle at my stupid jokes. But when she said "alrighty have fun on your date." I don't know what she means

I didn't call her that night I haven't texted/called her for a few days now, so I don't know what's going on in her mind if she misses me or if she's just waiting for me to initiate contact.. the reason being I just don't want to make myself sound so desperate. anyone know?


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  • Sounds like she was trying to be the "friend" she's supposed to be, but she's also trying to give you space and not act all jealous. She may be thinking your date went so well that you don't want to talk to her anymore as you haven't called recently. She is probably waiting for you to initiate. If you want her, take the first step. She may be afraid of rejection, afraid you don't like her like that, or just shy.

  • you should ALWAYS be attentive to a girl you're interested in. don't shower her with unnecessary attention, but don't act like she doesn't exist either. you should ALWAYS initiate contact. we're generally the ones who are worried about appearing desperate. if you stop talking, we move on.


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