Would you go on a second date in this situation?

You go on a first date and the guy/girl is super kind, funny, sweet, and easy to talk to. You both have a great time. After the date is over you sort of wish you were still talking to him/her. However, you didn't feel a "spark" from physical or sexual attraction. You were not specifically UNattracted to them and you don't think they are ugly, but if they had tried to kiss you, you wouldn't have done it. There are also some mannerisms that would take some getting used to. Would you go on a second date with this person?
  • I would go on the second date. Physical attraction can grow.
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  • I would not go on the second date. Not worth it.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd give it a second chance and see if there's a connection

    • There was a connection on the first date. What I'm talking about is physical attraction.

    • Ah , no physical attraction can be difficult.
      If you are set on him and like him then go for it otherwise be friends if nothing else

Most Helpful Girl

  • I would because if I can talk to them easily and we have a good time, I wanna keep dating even tho I wasn't attracted in the ways you mentioned. There's a lot more to a relationship besides sexual stuff or certain physical things. Besides if they're personality is bomb then I'm bound to be attracted to them on all those levels eventually.

    • How long would you wait for it to get to "eventually"? I don't want to settle you know?

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    • I really appreciate your comments, thank you. He doesn't live super close to me so our first and second dates will be a few weeks apart.

    • You're welcome and oh I see. that can be tough but maybe that's why you feel that way.

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What Guys Said 2

  • What mannerisms? I'm really curious what these might be because its not something that is mentioned very often lol.

    Anyway yeah, i'd give them a 2nd date, as long as i'm not UNattraced.

    • I guess things like talking very quickly, distinct voice, etc. Nothing crazy

  • I'd give it a shot


What Girls Said 1

  • Depends. If I didn't have other dates or things lined up, maybe. But if I did, he wouldn't be my priority.

    But if I felt that way after a second date, it'd be a hard no.


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