Are men and women different and how so?

I personally think they're the same and everyone should be treated the same/equally


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  • Being different has nothing to do with treated equally.
    We're obviously different, I think you can easily tell just by looking at both genders, but we're still human, that's why both are treated equally by society.
    Now when it comes to the body and the mind, we have our differences, saying we're the same would be stupid, and it's a reason the medical field is having some issues because they're expected to treat men and women equally, when clearly they're not, so for example, some medicines are not gonna work as good on men as they do on women, or vice versa.


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  • Men should be shot, women should be bitch slapped. All the difference you need to know.


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  • Men are generally more physically stronger and less sensitive than women. There's a lot of differences.

  • Everyone should be treated with respect and equally, but that's not the case...


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