Where are things going?

I met this girl on Facebook (now), we knew each other from Ok Cupid but it didn't go anywhere.(1 year ago)

I asked her out now, but she said no, she didn't know me that well and just got out of a relationship and doesn't want to date.

So I offered to be friends, and we have been messaging since then everyday.

But I can tell she is really starting to like me :)

I'm not expecting anything, but if she has feelings will she ask me out?

Should I ask to be fwb?

I don't have feelings for her, but she seems really cute and nice.


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  • Look don't ask her for friends with benefits from what I know a lot of girls aren't interested in that, plus she's in a relationship don't mess with it or she will think ur an arse so just don't ask. She probably likes as a friend also so don't let ur hopes up

    • A lot of girls are actually interested in that...

      She is not in a relationship.

    • Okay well if she isn't with someone and has show interest in you. Then u could give it a shot

  • I don't she likes you. I think she likes you when she's bored

    • Like just for attention or something?

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