Is our relationship worth it?

My current boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 months but we previously dated for 14 months, almost 15. We originally broke up due to us rarely talking and many other things. We got back together and the things that caused the previous break up are happening again. I told him he only had one more chance to improve and if our relationship became what caused us to break up then it was over. I love him but I feel like our relationship has ended up like it was at 14 months... I'm not sure if we should stay together or not.


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  • please don't. the way you've described I can say that he's not doing his part of fulfilling relationship


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  • he might be the man of present then ghost of past who likes to live and enjoy current time rather than talking old things... anyhow if you think he should send messages of caring you /loving you then please find a workless guy who has time for it or else try to understand him

    • He rarely works he only works like once a week

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    • What happens is if I don't message him we may never talk he never messages me unless I message him

    • so go out with him try to get inside his head , try to understand his goals , ask him why is he so... whether he cares for your relationship... this is the only way you can get calm yourself

  • What's his side of the story?

  • That's between you two, not me too

    • Yeah I just like getting someone's opinion cause I'm a dud when it comes to relationships

    • What are the "other things" that made you break up b4

    • See the main things are: communication issues (one sided conversations, issues understanding each other) and also actually spending time together cause majority of the time I spent with him he was playing video games so I was left bored just sitting there not knowing what to do (I'm not a big gamer and the games I play he doesn't like so yeah...)

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