How To Stop Recurring Fights With Partner?

My partner and I often have chronic disagreements on the same topics. They get jealous of opposite gender friends that I have and cannot stand to talk about their ex-partners in a healthy way. I am completely refrained from mentioning one particular friend I have. The disagreements are a waste of time and effort in our relationship, so what can we do to stop them?


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  • Break up. Seems like if this is a recurring thing then your partner is disagreeable and no one wants domestic issues in their future. The effects could become traumatic. Like they say, can't teach an old dog new tricks. If he's that jealous then it's because he doesn't love himself enough to show you the utmost respect. I'd give the same advice to my sister, out of 7 billion folks here, you can do better

    • My partner is very respectful and caring towards me! They always apologize first when we have disagreements. I fear that by breaking things off, it would destroy them!

    • So before the argument starts, apologies are made? I guess the two of you just like arguing. Did you meet on the debate team? To each his own

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  • move on. that problem can't be fixed or bypassed

    • Is there somehow we can both come to an agreement or standard we can follow? If moving on the only choice?

    • nope. there will always be resentment or room for a problem. and usually the problem only gets worse. life is too short. move on

    • I already agreed to date them. I fear hurting them, if I back out of it, but I question my romantic connection to them, on top of these issues...

  • Submit to his will. Honor and obey

    • I have tried compromising with him, but somehow the topic turns back to the situation. I feel like I'm treading on thin ice!

    • You are. Honor and obey.

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  • You can't. Odds are that you will keep repeating the same pattern. It's not about being jealous, it's about lack of trust and trust is essential.


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