Have you ever thought maybe you already had "the one"?

have you ever thought that maybe you already had the person you were supposed to be with and you've already fucked it up?
I think i might have had two of them but I dumped one and pushed the other away. what if there isn't another one?

also don't drink 3 bottles of wine in one night, it makes you weird and sad xD


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What Girls Said 2

  • I met a guy who was very good for me years ago but wasn't ready for a relationship at the time - as far as I know - we are both still single but we aren't usually on speaking terms.

    • You should totally talk to him. You'll be on speaking terms as soon as you're speaking 😜

  • how did you push the other away

    and why

    • i started getting jealous. I've never been that way before but half of her friends were her exes and i just found it hard to be okay about it.

      she's with a good guy now and I'm glad she's happy but i just wish i didn't fuck it up.

What Guys Said 1

  • alcohol is a depressant :)

    and no.

    If you've already had 2, you'll probably find another 10.


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