Do guys or girls suck up to the other more?

Do guys suck up to girls or girls suck up to guys more?
I believe its guys, largely because they are expected to impress and as a result can leave them ass kissing


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  • Lol guys suck up to girls big time.
    its just the way nature intended


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  • What do you mean by 'Suck up'? Is that like 'giving in' or letting her have her way, always?
    Then NO!! I think we are equals, and I treat her well, and respect her, as an equal, but if she ever tries the 'manipulation' thing, like 'withholding sex', I'm like, OK. I like it, but don't NEED it!!
    I don't play games, AT ALL!! If she likes that, or she wants to play some 'power trip', OK, Bye, Bye. There are a million more out there!!
    I'm too old to fck about with 'little girl' antics and power trips!!
    If she wants a man that respects her, cares for her, treats her well, and loves cooking dinners for her, and 'curling her toes' loving her, than I am all in. No games, no BS.
    I'm not the 'Yes dear, no dear, you are always right, dear' kind of submissive kind. Find that somewhere else!!
    Do women really respect a man that is just their little 'btch'? I think not!!
    I don't NEED her, so if she gets too demanding, too controlling, I have no problem moving on.
    When I am with her, I do LIKE being with HER, but there are limits.


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  • Guys definitely suck up more


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  • Definitely guys. Girls rarely suck up to guys and when they do its only for the most desired guys. Meanwhile guys will suck up to just about any halfway decent girl.

    • surely thats not a healthy way 2 get a potential mate 2 respect u? and would also mean that girl is less special for long term?