Should you dig into someone's past?

Suppose a girl begins to flirt with you, and you approach her and you both begin dating.

Now, you find out she had a ton of ugly dudes as her ex, but she has blown all those guys off after dating you and she jumped from her ex onto you.

Should you keep on dating her? or just blow her off because she cannot remain single?
  • Don't judge someone by their past, We all have past, if you find out she is cheating on you now then you should dump her but dont dump her without evidence.
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  • As the proverb goes - "If she leaves someone for you, she will surely leave you too for someone else". She can't remain single, and that's a major red flag. Dump this woman.
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  • Well not in the beginning for sure, maybe later when you both know each other well and feel comfortable... but again never dig in it if they don't feel like talking about it. They have all right to keep it private.


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