He said he was a little bit in love with me on our first date? And he tells me that he misses me quite often?

We met January last year and have been dating until now but he is away for work and won't be back for a while. I've always felt a strange/strong connection with him and with no doubt in my mind that he is the love of my life. I feel like he feels these things for me too.. but what do you guys think?
Does he like me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • If you can't feel whether that's true by now...

    • I feel like it's true. But we're both too proud to admit it.. for an example, he asked me if he missed me on Valentines Day. I said yes and asked me if he missed me and he said yes.. it's always those little things

    • he asked me if I missed him*

What Girls Said 2

  • How is his behaviour to you? Minimal actings may show somethings , what did you observed recently?

    • I've observed during the year that we dated is that he always does little things that shows me that he loves me. He shows by actions, he says that I am the only one that he talks to this way, otherwise he is more reserved.. he says he misses me, he always text me even if it's not everyday, he sometimes look deeply into my eyes, we just have such great chemistry, I can't explain it..

    • actually you have already explained exactly. I'm trusting the actings which sensible. I am an psychology student and trust me in your writte there is a lot of things to say '' yes this guys like her '' :)

  • Yes! He definetly does! I wish I had that!


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