Is She Single or Not?

Alright I'll make this brief as possible but basically there's this girl that I'm really attracted to who a couple weeks ago posted a pic of her and her boyfriend who she seemed quite happy with, on IG with a diamond and heart emoticon. 2 weeks later ( yes I lurked, who doesn't) I checked her instagram and she deleted the pic of her and her boyfriend. Then today she posted a vid of herself with the heart and relieved emoji, with the text "blessed" under her post, with this song playing and singing in the background. Here are the Lyrics-
From what I know of this girl, she tends to put songs in her vids that matches how she feels in the moment. Also from what I've seen,(I go to school with her) that her relationships usually dosent last that long (2-3 months).

So from your analysis of the situation, do you think she may have gotten back with her boyfriend, Happy that she's single, or never broke up with him in the first place or other?

*I ask all of this because, this is the girl I want to take to my Senior Prom even though she's a Junior. I've tried talking to other girls, but I just can't shake this chick. She's the first thing I think of when I wake up. HeII, I even contemplated the thought of staying back just so I can get my car over the summer, so I can take her out on dates when I do ask her out for one.

*GAGs what do you think of the situation, do you think she's single or not*
  • Yes she may be single.
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  • She might have gotten back with her boyfriend.
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  • She may have just been mad at the moment and gotten back with him
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  • Maybe she's happy she's single
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  • Never broke up with him in the first place and is happy about their relationship.
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  • She is not


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