How to read a reserved guy?


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  • Observe his body language, and facial expressions. Or the fluctuations in his voice when talking. Like, does he use his body/arms as he speak to give an open aura of warmness, or does he stand still with crossed arms, closing himself off.. things like that.

    • does he use?

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    • As you say, he's reserved. He may be shy, or feel it awkward to do so -- if you're right about him liking you.

    • yup he is. and i m wnderng if he ll ever say bout his feelings or nt

  • you can't besides just going up to him and asking.

    • there must be some ways to know without really asking him

    • you really can't as anyway you could read him could be perceived as two ways. so yes you could be it not for sure what true.

What Girls Said 1

  • You can't do that. That's why we call them reserved. Also, your question is terribly vague


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