Do you tend to overthink?

How often do you tend to overthink possibilities before asking someone out? The fears are all there
"What if she/he only wants to be friends?"
"what if I'm not his/her type?"
"what if he/she's already with someone?"

But as real as the fear of being rejected is, this is a thought that's been going through my head lately and I was just curious as to how you feel when it comes to the anticipation of possible rejection and how often do you think about it; and how often you tend to overthink about it.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I don't overthink. There's only 2 possibilities for me:
    1. he says yes
    2. he says no
    3. he's not sure which is basically no

    I don't care if he rejects me and why, at least I'm gonna be free to move on. The only thing I worry about is if it will become awkward in our surroundings and between us if rejects me. But rejection itself doesn't bother me, I handle it good.

  • All the time, before I make most of my decisions


What Guys Said 1

  • I always overthink it, i once met a girl i honestly thought didn't like me, she gave me short answers and would make odd smiley faces, as if you thought i was weird.

    Long story short, i randomly asked to hang out and ended up staying at her place for the night, (lived on university campus).

    Ultimately, while it is important to look at situations and relationships before making a move, overthinking it will also put your mind on edge and may be counterproductive.

    Goodluck Amigo


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