Is she a False Alarm?

I recently tried out a Webcam site, and the very first girl I saw is having a huge impact on me. *she is also new to the site* I'm crushing on her big time to the point where I started to think about her throughout the day. The problem is she lives on the other side of the world, and I know nothing about her. I followed her on her Webcam instagram, and after following me back she told me to follow her on her personal account. Is this a sign of interest? I blocked the website to distance myself, and see if the feelings would go away. After a week I'm still stressing about her, and I don't know what to do. When she comes to mind a certain level of anger come out because I feel there is no possible way of becoming close with her. She is the kind of girl that makes me want to be the best version of myself for her. It's a motivating and aggravating attraction that has me torn. Should I continue to block her out and move on, or stay in communication with her and try to build something?
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  • You have to remember these girls lie about where they are as well as many other things. They certainly don't want you to know where they are. Too many sick men will stalk them or worse. You are not the only guy to do what you have done. They are only there for your fantasies. Most importantly, they are there to make a lot of money. They'll tell you whatever they think you need to hear so that you will keep coming back and paying them more and more money.. Try looking at this girl as a hot, sexy puppet. That is all she will ever be to you.

    • That's exactly when I know I shouldn't think much of her. Although she is a person, and I will never look at any girl like that out of respect.

    • Good for you! They shouldn't be respected.

  • build what you like but it will all come crashing down once your money is gone and she tells the next guy the same story

  • Which site?


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