He said he wants to take it slow? Opinions on what that means?

So I recently started seeing this guy and honestly I haven't felt this way about a guy before. I genuinely like him as a person and I just love spending time with him. He is a lot nicer than any other guy I've dated and actually cares about getting to know me. He always picks me up, he almost always never lets me pay for dates (but i do 50% of the time), he brings me around his friends, he will just talk to me for hours... I don't know it's really great.

I asked him the other night about what he thought about us and he said that he really likes me too but feels like he is too young to get into a relationship. at that point i just said that i'm not sure if i want to just be his friend and i don't want to waste my time because i also really like him. than he just said that we could take things slow and see what happens...
does that mean we're a thing? should i ask him or just wait and not have that conversation for awhile?


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  • He just wants to be assure that all this is not an excitement and is a real thing. He is interested in you and that's why he wants to take it slow. Leave that conversation for later, like 1-2 weeks to give him some space to think about it.

    • Honestly thats how it feels to me. Like i know when a guy isn't interested they won't even make an effort to see me or talk to me. This feels completely different like we do things together we talk he takes me out and i never feel pressured or like he wants something. I think if i just postpone that talk itll just happen naturally but if it. doesn't its okay. Like he's taking me to the zoo in a couple a days and he took me to the beach the other night and we just cuddled haha

    • Well that' amazing. We do want to take things slow sometimes because we know that the woman we are dealing with is special and we want to make sure the feelings are mutual. It is going to go great, just be youself with him and don't push him. It'll come by itself if it's meant to be. Good luck!!

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  • He isn't that interested


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