Girls, Why is she behaving this way?

These are the events in the order they happened:

This girl who may or may not like me, her friend was by herself one time and turned her head around and literally just stared at me. I was staring back and thought this was getting awkward and just gave a small polite smile, where at this point she turned away and stopped staring.

On another occasion, the girl and her friend were standing together and talking. They were facing away from me. I passed behind them to go to the toilet. Her friend let out a loud laugh and quietly said to the girl I like "Go and say hi to him". She quietly replied, "No, I'm not going to say hi to him". I managed to hear this though. I can't tell whether she was just taking the piss or she is serious.

Next occasion, the girl was talking with her friend. She was facing away from me and her friend was facing towards me. I secretly looked at the girl I like and when I glanced at her friend, she was smiling at me almost with an amused grin.

We never usually speak a lot When she saw me initially face to face, she looked at me for about 5-10 seconds and then said something. On the few occasions after that she could still look me in the eye, but would try to suppress a smile. Then she started to change. She started to seem uncomfortable with me. She couldn't meet my eyes and would avoid eye contact face to face and when we pass each other. Now she smiles at me when I am not directly looking at her.


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  • Seems like her friend teases her about liking you and if they are together a lot when you see her, maybe she doesn't want her friend pointing it out all the time. She could still like you but is maybe just embarrassed or trying to not make it a big deal when she's with her friend since her friend is always pushing her to talk to you.


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