Girls, I am seriously thinking of beating the shit out of a tall guy in front of a crowd and getting into jail?

Tired of all this bullshit that media projects towards short men that they are weak and other shit.. I am stronger and heavier than most tall men i know (i am 5'7'')... I honestly can't understand this shit... You see a tall lanky dude and you think he can protect you better than a buff guy at my height... How is this even logical to you? Even if the tall guy was buff.. Do you know if the other guy does martial arts... I am a humble and kind guy but believe me this shit is outrageous... Take yourself in an imaginary life that you are stronger than most men you know but society views you as weaker because you are 10 cm shorter... Even when you obviously look stronger (wide chests and heavy built) society insists on this bs...


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  • lol as awesome as that sounds probs not best idea. pay no attention to them I used to get called tall and now I stopped growing and I'm like 5 ft so I get called short I know how ya feel but yeah probably not best idea

    • 1.66 cm is not 5 feet but anyway the question is stupid

    • And 1.66 for a woman is somewhat tall where i live i dont know where you are from but from what i see this height thing is retarded everyone is xalled short for no reason..

  • Probably shouldn't do that... and don't pay too much attention to what others say, okay

    • Lol i dont think that i would do it.. But i would love to keep hitting a tall guys head in the wall untill it opens:). Anyway thanks for the answer

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