What's the one thing you've done, realized, or learned that's dramatically improved your "game"?

In the past a year I've noticed a MASSIVE change in my success rate when it comes to women. I have changed and improved as a person but franky I'm still the same old me. However, what has given me the greatest success rate is finally being able to see which girls are actually interested in me. For some reason I would miss all these subtle hints that women give to guys that they're into since I was always getting them my whole life and thought they were just normal female behavior. It turns out they weren't normal. Now that I can very easily spot them I know which girls I actually have a shot with and only go for the ones that I do and the results have been fantastic.


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  • I'm confident now and I usually make the first move

    • That's really good. Some guys are blind to female signals of attraction and being direct is always the best way to make sure that things aren't misunderstood.

    • @consecrated I was blind to female signals up until 25 lol. Damn sometimes I think back and just want to punch myself in the face, so many missed opportunities with wonderful and beautiful girls, what a shame.

    • @consecrated yah I've learned that. That's one of the reasons I'm very up front and direct.

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