Guys, My boyfriend has not texted me all day yesterday should I be worried?

Yesterday he did not text me all day I texted him saying "hey babe" and he did not answer the next day I send him "I miss you" has not answer till in the afternoon saying "hey babe". He does not say why he has not answered me until I asked him "did I upset u yesterday" he said no never and saying how his phone died and he was able to get it on a charger for 10 minutes should I believe what he says or is it lie.


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  • Yeah, I do this a lot when I don't feel like texting anyone that text me so much. Just give him some alone time and he'll get back with you.

    • Would you do this with a girlfriend though?

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    • I could, knowing that I would see her the next day. I don't see it as a bad thing. I could tell her I don't want to text right now, but I think she may overreact, and try to guilt trip me.

    • Oh OK got ya

  • Has he ever lied to you before?

    • No at least I don't think so

    • Trust is needed in a healthy relationship

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