He said he has been in his own mind lately?

This guy who I have been talking to for a long time (we obviously have feelings for eachother and have expressed it a lot). For the past week has been offline and I assumed he just was somewhere and couldn't get his phone. Then he came online on facebook and I messaged him with an emoji pr something just to see if he would respond. He did and he said that he was at a relatives house and said "I've just been in my own mind lately". I said that was fine and apologized for if I was being annoying (because I had sent him a couple messages over the week that he went completely offline), and he said something like "no you are far from annoying", and I said ok good lol. He just got on now but he didn't read my message... what gives? Is he loosing interest or something? Because it's really making me anxious


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  • Give him the benefit of the doubt. He might have been telling the truth


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  • Maybe something serious is going on with his family or something. The guy doesn't message you back for a few days and you have an anxiety attack? Smh.

    • It's been about like 2 weeks and I never said I was having a panic attack?

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    • I don't get what's wrong with being concerned. This website is the worst

    • No you're the worst...

  • Yes he isn't losing interest he's already lost it

    • Holy shit every timw I ask a question on here you almost always answer with the most negative responses and I've looked through your answers and they are terrible advise and most of them are re not true. Get off this website please smh

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    • That's good of you. Have you heard from him today?

    • Yes actually so case closed

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