Is it a lie when he says he's just being a gentleman?

This guy I've fallen for is quite gentlemanly however he calls me up a lot and invites me to places, asks my opinion, tells me to randomly come over if he needs advice on things I'm passionate about, or to hell even look at something he's made. We have movie nights. He's made dinner for me and turned on things like Disney movies and Trueblood. He's put his coat over my shoulders and took his gloves off to put them on my hand and stick my naked hand in his pocket. He stares into me intensely and gets into my personal space. But yet when I say I like him he says he doesn't feel the same. Wtf? What am I misreading?


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  • friendzoned. He shouldn't be so sweet on you if you're just a friend but at the same I think you might be over thinking what he does. its not really flirty or anything. so you have to just leave it alone. tell him to back off or just cut off being friends with him cos I don't see how this will turn out so well.

  • maybe he just wants to get into your pants


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