Ideas of things to talk about on a date? Girls, what kind of questions do you like to be asked?



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  • Never been on a date but,
    Sometimes questions don't need to be so bland, perhaps you could go about learning who someone is just by bringing up topics. I feel that sometimes questions are forced and often times too typical like "What do you like to do for a living?" That is the question that I dread because I feel like I am at a job interview. I'd just try to find a way to figure out what they enjoy doing by bringing up things that you personally like to do.


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  • I don't know I'd the other person can make me luagh... I'd just be happy

    • Yeah how do I be funny? I think if I try to be "funny" I'll sound stupid, so it's just got to come natural but it's tough... shite.

    • Lol just be sarcastic that always works.

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  • Don't be boring. Sure you're still getting to know her but try to keep those questions at a minimum. Ask her if she heard about some shit that went down recently with politics, media, entertainment, etc. and her response should hint you to what she's interested in, then dwell on that.


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