What to talk about and getting over fear rejection?

Well this is one of my biggest problems when it comes to women is the whole fear of rejection. I will try and approach girls, but after rejection it will take me a super long time to really go to the next one. Despite me liking girls in between I will probably try and talk to them, without asking them out until I get comfortable with them (which could takes months). For example there is one girl (girl A) I asked out, whom rejected me. Yet she still talks to me even though I try to ignore her. Well I have always thought her friend (girl b) was cute, and she would ask me to hang out with them. Yet my stupid behind kept going after the original girl a, now I am sitting here trying to figure out what to do. I wanted to go after girl b, but not sure if she would even say yes. She doesn't even look my way, or even give me the time a day now. If I do go and talk to her, she keeps her answers very simple. Then I see her talking to other guys, and will move to go sit closer to this one guy (so it's like hmm, even though I still want to ask her out). So I have no idea what I can do to figure out what to talk about and get over the fear of rejection.

P. S. Another example I could use is that of few people I know keep telling me to go after this particular girl. This girl just happens to be in a relationship (engaged, who is an ass), even though I say I would. I am not really going to go after this girl for that particular reason, whereas I see other guys disregarding and still pursuing girls. So could use advice on that as well.


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  • Just have confidence & wait to ask them out until you for sure that they are attracted to you.


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