Girls, Where do I go from here?

I am a 30-year-old guy who is currently in law school and my question reflects my life in terms of a relationship and or marriage. I am the only guy, the youngest out of the 4 siblings, I have 3 older sisters, 2 are divorced and 1 has a child. My mom came to Canada from India in the early 1970s and my father was such a horrible person he would be verbally and physically abusive to my mom and to us as well from then until the mid-2000s until his health deteriorated and now he's just bed ridden and now he complains about when is my food going to be ready. Until this very day, I still don't understand why she stayed with him.

My sisters who got divorced had this approach of, I'm going to divorce this loser because he's down here & I'm up there and to be honest they were nice guys who had good jobs, therefore, I do not like how my sisters treated those guys and now my sisters live with my parents, both work for the government and have good jobs but they don't help out in the house financially & they are extremely messy and lazy which really pisses me off.

Now on to me, I am a vocal person when needed but I prefer listening and keeping my mouth shut rather than being like my dad. I do things most guys don't do like cook or clean, I am not a sexist guy, I really value and a woman's input. I tend to be caring, funny, stay in shape, be sympathetic towards others and I am extremely talkative when it comes to topics like religion (I believe in God), entertainment, sports, politics in a liberal-minded way. I had my hardships w/girls in the past & I didn't do anything bad it just did not work out, but my question why am I still single, why is it that I have dealt with only bad girls, that my mom even though she works hard doesn't seem to appreciate how much hard work I do for my parents and tolerating with my sisters to make ends meet and be civil and peaceful. God knows how much good I've done, but I have only dealt with the bad *smh*


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  • Have some fun. Sounds like you have a lot on your mind and need a change of perspective. Don't take finding a girl too seriously. You will find the right girl if you are doing something you enjoy and are being yourself. Girls can tell when you are trying to "check the boxes" or trying to fit their boxes. Meaning, we don't want to be on an interview for marriage. We want what everyone wants and that's to find someone to enjoy things with and someone they can stand being around for more than an hour. Go take some new interesting class and be friendly to everyone. Not just the women. Be the person you want to find.


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