Why is he silent with me but extra excited when he sees my sister?

This guys i dated 2 years ago has been recently bumping into me and my friends. It seems though when he does he keeps asking a lot of questions about me and insisting on chatting to them. This guy and i have gone no contact for roughly 9 months. I sent him a message saying i still care but i think its best to just see eachother around. I bumped into him recently and he tried really hard to hang out with me to the point he even said 'please'. His recently bumped into my best friend and has told her how much his changed and that his back on his feet also asked a ton of questions about me and if im dating anyone/a guy i was dating after him. He also bumped into my sister and did the same thing... I feel like if tried to move forward he would just keep the convos light but he told my sister everything, even that he loves to cook now...

When we dated he was heavily into drugs and it was inflicting us.

I feel like reaching out to him because his persistence is messing with me abit.

  • I should reach out to him to catch up
  • His trying to get me back through my friends and family
  • His passing information to make me jealous
  • Other
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  • He likes her


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