He moved without telling me?

I'll try and keep this brief.

I had been dating a guy for the past 2 years. Long distance. The last time i saw him was Dec. About a month ago, i told him that i would be visiting his town soon, and he said i could stay at his place, but would put me in touch with his business partner to arrange. I didn't think much of it, as he's a busy guy etc. Today i came to find out from a mutual friend that he has moved coasts entirely. Im surprised that he didn't mention it during these convos about me going back. When i asked him about it, he gave me a very meh answer, that he just got a new place and now spends more time there. He seemed ruffled that i even asked. Is there anything else i should say before cutting him off?


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  • no i know nothing you can say.


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  • No. He doesn't care about you or anything you have to say. Don't embarasss yourself.

  • Wow! That's weird not telling you. It's an important aspect of someone's life when they move. It's so strange he didn't tell you, that's a definite red flag.

    Personally, I'd say nothing more about it. and cut contact. You've said what you needed to say , but he was even secretive about that by not really giving you a reasonable explanation.

    My first thought would be he's moved to be with another girl, because I can't think of another reason as to why he didn't tell you about a major part of his life. Moving is a big deal , but he didn't share it with you

    • Thanks for your reply!

      Yes, it is weird. He's always gone back and forth bi coastally, even before i knew him. But its just odd that he didn't mention it in our recent conversations. It could be for a girl, he'll be closer to his family too. But gosh, do i know how to pick em! Smh

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