Which is Dating?

Im old school and when I say this people tend to give me mixed reactions.
Is Dating going on dates to see if you want to be together or is Dating when you're already together
  • Getting to know eachother and making sure you even like the person before making it offical.
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  • Already together, regardless of how much/little you know of someone.
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What Girls Said 1

  • Dating can be used for both, however in the former, usually I would use and hear, I am seeing this guy/girl while for the latter, I am going out with this guy/girl. While, 'Do you want to date?', refers to both usually after someone agrees to date, there is usually still a, 'what are we' and a 'let's make it official' talk. I think the distinction comes in terms of, dating someone when in the phase of testing out the potential of a relationship is exclusive, versus someone who goes on dates with various potential candidates probably won't use the term, dating to refer to going on dates with potential candidates. One that person has selected just one candidate to get to know, the person will most likely at this point be okay referring to his/her action as dating.


What Guys Said 1

  • Those are just two different types of dating

    • yeah i know that. im trying to see which is the more thought of when someone says dating.

    • some say the former, some say the latter. thats why its a poll. so i can see what people see it as

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