I don't see many articles pertaining to this. How much do girls like fairly built shy guys?

To be completely blunt here, I'm shy as hell. I'm a wrestler, so I have enough confidence in that regard, but when it comes to social situations (those with larger crowds) I generally do my best to either avoid them or find a reason to leave as soon as possible. It isn't unknown that I'm willing and capable of standing up for myself, as last year there was another guy in the class (who is now mysteriously gone) who had been picking on me for a few weeks. At this same time I had injured myself with my wrestling, so he took it as an opportunity to 'assert' his dominance. Long story short, I stood up with my good leg, turned, punched him once (which knocked him out) and resumed what I was doing. Everyone agreed with the decision I had made, including the teacher. I had quite loudly told this guy to "leave before I knock you the f*ck onto your *ss" in the past, before I had injured myself.
Enough with the rambling. I'm a shy guy, but I have confidence in my abilities, if that makes enough sense. I'd put up with bullying in the past which contributes to what people refer to as my 'social anxiety', and I just want to be able to speak to a girl without the fear of being tossed to the side for once.


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  • there are girls who are attracted to shy type guys. they would see it as a challenge to become friends with them. but usually girls like guys to approach them first or made the first move. maybe you can start by talking to someone you find attracted to and if you feel awkward or uncomfortable you can come up with excuses and leave and try again the next day.


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