He doesn't care?

My boyfriend used to live with he's friends he barely saw me and if I asked if he wanted to chill he would prefer he's mates

He's recently moved on his own and I thought this he was gonna change but instead I've realised that he only calls and messages when he's bored..
But when he's with his friends I never hear from him

I work at dentistry and I stabbed my self in the hand with an infected needle I had to get a blood test done to make sure I don't get hiv
I told him about it and he's response
"was you better not get hiv haha"

He's now out to dinner with his mate


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  • Why would you hurt yourself like that just to see that he cares? Just stay away from him if he's really affecting you negatively. Let go and move on. Relationship with him seems toxic.

    • Wasn't intentional
      The scaler was broken I was cleaning the tools getting ready for the next patient and I stabbed my self

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  • I'm sorry lovely, how long have you been with this guy?

    Despite how long, I'll just say this: leave, and wait for him to realise what he had.

    I was in a relationship for 3 years being treated like this except he wasn't ignoring me for his friends, he was ignoring me for his guitar!
    In April last year I left him, found someone so different and he gives me so much attention that I didn't know what to do with it because I was so ignored that I thought it was the norm!
    Also, that guy I spent three years with... yeah, he still only has his guitar.

    • He's dumped me before then regretted it
      Now it just seems worse

      I'm in a relationship yet I feel like I'm alone

    • I'm only here for advice so take it or leave it but I promise you when I was in your situation getting out of it was the best thing I've done.
      I've suffered with mental health all my life, and in those three years it seemed to be a heavy burden.
      Now? I haven't taken anti-depressants in 6 months.
      I'm not saying he's to blame, I'm just saying, by making me feel unappreciated and more like a burden on his life instead of happiness I was so unwell. It damaged me.
      Now I'm with my current partner it makes me so sad thinking of how long I spent feeling the way I did when my man was just around the corner waiting to show me how much he cared

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  • Cut him loose. You deserve wayyy better. If you were my girlfriend (excuse me) id be worried sick about you with that hiv scare! Hope you find someone whom treats you better. If he's gonna treat you like shit he deserves shit.

  • Why are you even with him then


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