Is it cheating if your girlfriend texted a guy behind your back?

So I checked my girlfriend's phone while she was in the shower which she kept in her bag, and I found a text conversation that she's been having with a guy for like two months where the two of them have been flirting with one another, sending long paragraphs and making plans to hang out with one another. She even invited him to spend a weekend with her out of town, although he politely declined. I can also tell that he thinks she's single. Now I've also seen that she hasn't texted him back in a while too, my question is, what should I do here?
Can she be trusted at all? I think the guy was from one of her classes.


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  • Well it is obvious that you knew there was something going on with her, something didn't feel right, otherwise you wouldn't have violated her privacy and gone threw her phone & your suspicious thoughts were right.. It is up to you how you want to handle this but I no if you keep it inside it will eat you alive and ultimately kill your relationship. Speak with her about it, then decide if it's worth it. But you will never trust her fully again & I'm sure she will give some excuse.. I wish you luck but give it some good thought! For me I would be furious & would end the relationship, your young there are plenty of girls out there that would treat you the way you deserve to be treated. This will ruin you for any future relationship you have.. Trust me!

    • If she never told him she had a boyfriend for months, do you think she liked him a lot? If she was double texting him, and even texting him really late at night, what does that mean?

      Plus if she cut contact, what would that mean? That she realized that cheating was bad?

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  • Yes, that's considering cheating. You should have a talk to her about it. Say that someone told you about it. Or just break up with her.


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  • Woah, Honestly, I would not trust her, and I will tell you why :
    I'm in a relationship, and I refuse to text any man who is trying to be flirty with me, and if i text back i put them back in their place and PLUS I inform my boyfriend about this.
    It is not fair what she is doing to you, and I guess it is better to talk to her about this, be direct, you have every right to.
    Wish you the best luck <3

    • Do you think she thinks the other guy is hot? Like how easy is it to drop the boyfriend thing even in conversation, really easy right?

      She told him one day that she was hanging out with her friends, when it was just me and her? Why does she do that?

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    • What if she says she loves me on instagram? Is she just lying then to cover her ass?

    • Dude... I won't answer anymore questions for you. I'm done.

  • Talk to her before taking any step. Don't jump to conclusions. Maybe its just friendly flirting... you never know. Confront her. If you will directly dump her, maybe you will regret your decision in future.


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  • Yup, that is cheating without a doubt. Dump her.


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