Why did he text me and now no reply?

I went to a coffee date with that kinda interesting guy from tinder. It wasn't that bad, a couple awkward moments and a bit of nervousness, but in general it wasn't horrible. We ended it on a "maybe something sometime we're in touch" note. A few hours after coming home I get a message from him asking about the activity that I were to do after meeting him. I texted back after around 15 minutes, answering and asking him a question too. That's it...1,5 day and I got no more messages. He didn't look like the kind of guy who stops a conversation so abruptly, he was overall polite and I'm surprised... I feel hurt. What the actual fuck? It would be perfectly normal and understandable to me if he hadn't sent me that message at all. But to ask me something and then disappear? What might be going on in his head?


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  • Well probably dude's just not that interested. 1.5 days is not very long, though.


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  • Well, in this case darling, you should just WAIT and see what happens, give him another day or two, if he does not answer back, just send him that it was nice to meet him but you care a lot about responsibility. He is NOT, tell him that you expect people to answer you or at least say GOODBYE out of respect, don't be shy, you deserve better, and people better answer you, or else just move on, don't take it personal that he is no texting back, if HE CARES he will, if he doesn't care, HE won't...

    Wish you the best luck <3


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