Hey Guys and Girls.. this is basically a question for a girl. asking what do you think or what can i do to date her, first i have confessed my love for her, but she says she dont, i am fine with that maybe she just scared of getting relationship and keep getting hurts, but it doesn't stop me from showing how she means to me, i buy and send food at her workplace, surprise her, quite far actually,

i am currently a National Service in SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force) so my place of work to the cafe i bought, her fav, to her workplace is damn far

love doesn't care how far or near it is.. the commitment the willingness to show how much i love her

now i dont know whether should i keep going and chase her.. when she know its not going to happen

what should i do girls?


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  • Damn, that's sweet. But if she's saying she doesn't love you it's kind of a hard decision to make. On the one hand she might just be toying with you, seeing as you're being damn nice! On the other she probably really doesn't love you back... in which case I'd stop. So, well, if I were in your position I'd probably stay friendly with her but distance myself as far as possible without being rude or cold. Might be better for you in the long run...

    • eventho im not officially dating her.. i tried being loyal never went and chase another girls.. tho there's some trying to get to me..

      i sometimes just dont know what girls want towards a guy

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    • alright then thankss

    • anytime! stay positive, dude!

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