Guys, Guy shows a lot of interest and when I show interest, he all of a sudden backs off?

So a friend of mine lives in Australia. I've known him since school and he's always had a crush on me but we never spoke in school. We became friends a few years ago through fb. We would chat over fb and whatsapp every now and then and talk about how we are being pressurized individually in our lives for marriage cos of our age (30). He came back to our home town (different country) and we met. He was absolutely mesmerized. Kept saying how charming and beautiful I am. I was too good and never should change. He remembered each and every detail of mine since school even though we never spoke. After the date he started frequently msging me and we had a second meeting. In this date i was also showing interest to him. He would keep giving examples that what if we dated or got married. So I asked him that if we date or get married, how would that work cos we live in different countries (i wanted things to be clear between us cos he wouldn't speak directly, so i Thought to help him as he's a shy guy). He became nervous and started fumbling so I just asked him to relax and I changed the topic for him to become normal. Changing the topic did help him become normal. Date ended and he msged me - it was nice meeting you. But after that he stopped msging. He just had 3 days left and I understand he might have been busy to meet but I don't understand why he stopped msging. I messaged him before he left for aus to show that I am interested and told him it was amazing meeting him. We are very similar. He also said the same and said we spent good time together. But he didn't contact after that.

I don't know what i did wrong? Did I freak him out or did he judge me in 2 meetings and understand he doesn't like me. (I am a shy person and it's not easy to read me. I take time to open up)

I'm very confused on what happened. Should I talk to him or just let it go and move on.


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  • you should definitely try to message him/stay in contact! I mean what do you have to lose? I think that he was scared off by your question of how it would work. He probably was excited and then doubted himself because he realized "it would never work." The thing is, if both of you connected then it might be worth giving it a shot (especially if you both like each other). If I were you, I would send him a message letting him know how much fun you have (and maybe) give him the encouragement to possibly date. Make it a reality. However, once you send it you simply have to wait for his response and give him time. Either he will realize things are good between you two and come back or he won't. If its been a day and he hasn't responded you can respond once or twice more, then I guess you have to let things go :( I'm sorry I don't really know what else to say. I think he simply became insecure and thought that it wouldn't work out. So let him know it will (if you want it that is).


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