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A guy keeps asking me out on the same day or the next day, I told him I couldn't those times but we will. Then he would say how about tomorrow or this day and to finish whatever he is doing early to come see me, and wouldn't mind driving near my area I live in to see me.

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  • It is only creepy if you ask him to stop and he doesn't. Other than that he just wants to see you and is actually putting in the effort to get noticed. This whole creepy culture is becoming a hurtful stereotype to be honest.

    • Ah, I didn't realise sorry

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    • Do you mind if I message you?

    • go for it

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  • Cuteeee


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  • He desperately want to see ya. Nothing creepy about that. I bet if a girl ask me out consistently after rejecting the idea, I would try to find time for her but set strict limits cause of reasons.

  • I could see how it could be borderline "creepy" but he's probably just excited and trying to pin something definite down with you so he knows you're not brushing him off. Just saying "we will" isn't very encouraging, especially for a first date.


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