Women would you date a guy who is separated with a new born?

I have a friend she has no kids etc she is dating this guy who is recently separated... She defends him saying he tried to work out the marriage and he is deciding to move on and date her saying she loves him and wants to marry him... His wife contacted him during their relationship saying she is 3 months pregnant... So now he has a new born and my friend is OK with it! She is still with him e en her family is giving her crap. The ex wife hates her calling her a husband stealer etc... And they are engaged...

Would anyone continue to date this guy or move on? If I dated a separated woman and she finds out 3 month later she is pregnant with the husband I would have to remove myself from that drama...


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  • It sounds like it'd be kinda messy-er than I'd wanna deal with

    • The guy isn't rich he and he is over weight from the ghetto. I don't get it. My friend is OK with it and accepted and being a mother to the child...

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