Does he like me or is he a player?

i met this guy early January. i had added him on social media because i had seen him on a mutual friends snapchat/ig and frankly i thought he was cute. he added me back and a few days later we started talking on snapchat, he asked for my number and we started talking on the phone everyday as well. a week later i finally met him in person bc i invited him to my friends party and he drove almost an hour there to meet me. we had a good time and everything seemed to be going well. we kept talking everday, and then one day we had a talk about "what we were" all we had done up to this point is kiss. he said it was perfect but i wasn't his girlfriend so he didn't know how to feel. i said i felt the same way and he said he didn't want to jump into anything and needed time. we stopped talking for a week and then a friend told me he was a f-boy and all he does is make girls catch feelings. (from what i know he's been single since aug '16 after a 2 year realtionship... also know he's turned a few girls down since then) anywho, after hearing this from that friend i messaged him and told him i was done with everything and he was a little rude about it and removed me from all social media. about a week and a half went by and he texted me asking if i was still mad at him, i said no and he asked me to add him back, the next day i explained why i said i was done that night and he said it wasn't true and confronted the girl and she said she had never said anything to me. so i guess he wasn't lying. weve been talking everyday since but its been little-no flirting. i think he just wants to keep it chill for now I don't know. id honeslty give him a shot but there's one thing i can't get past. and thats the fact that he's only ever asked me to hangout once, he invited me to his apt to play board games with his roomies and my friend. and from that day on its always been me asking him to hang, or when he does ask its like 10-11pm... I don't know what do you think? im 18, he's 20 if that matters.

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also when he said he "needed time" he told me some personal stuff he was going through at the time so i believed him and gave him that time.
and he recently asked me if i was still into him and i said yes and he said he was too but we haven't done anything about it


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  • I really don't know with him, just wait and see


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