How to say her No?

I know it may sound weird but i think she likes me I don't wanna hurt her so would you please recommend me some non verbals or anything to show that i'm not interested at all actually the thing is I like a friend of her so I start treating her really well but she took it in a wrong way any suggestions I already started ignoring her but I don't wanna act rude as I want to date her friend... Am I doing anything wrong?


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  • Is she asking you to hang out with her or be her boyfriend? If yes, then just say you're not interested in her that way. If she is not asking anything, then just be pleasant but walk away or change the subject if she starts flirting.

    • okay i would say her no but what if I approach her friend & then she said something wrong about me doesn't she feel jealous doesn't she feel bad about it.. I really like her friend & I really wanna date her..

    • You can't do anything about that other than behave in a polite, respectful manner.

    • @Mllecake yeah you're right

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