Do I wait for him to contact me?

You guys, I like this guy but he's like 10 years older than me. Not a problem but I haven't heard from him since Saturday. I'm intimidated by him cuz to me he's successful handsome etc. But I haven't heard from him since then and not gonna lie it kinda sucks. Should I wait until he contacts me? Sometimes I feel like he's not taking me serious or something because of my age. I really like him but my mom says let him chase...


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  • geeez... Saturday as in the one just passed or a Saturday before Christmas lol. come on. you are not 15 and neither is he so dont be so needy and allow him the space to do all the stuff a guy his age has to do. give him a few days then maybe just text to ask how he is but anymore than that invites rejection

  • If he's successful as you say he is. He's probably got a lot on his mind. Romance isn't the only thing that fills an adult's head.

    • I'm just worried he's like eh when comes to me. Like he can't take me serious.. my mom also said I'm too pretty for him but I see great qualities in him. He seems like a gentleman tho

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  • I would give him a few more days, unless he said he would call/text by a certain day. How frequently does he contact you? Regardless, if you want to talk to him and he hasn't contacted you by say, Wednesday or Thursday, it wouldn't be unreasonable to send him a quick message. Don't send too many messages, just one or max two, and then wait for him to respond. Also, the message shouldn't be something along the lines of miss you and it should inspire conversation (so not 'hi' and 'how's your day' is very over-used). Instead, I would do something like, if I know he likes wines, message him with a picture of a vintage and the message, 'found this vintage, what are your thoughts?' and after the conversation starts, then you could change the topic to how's your day or something.


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