Cute girl in my class what should I do?

There is this cute girl in my class who kinda reminds me of myself little bit because of her personality and she sits right next to me. I haven't really talk to her much or anything but I think she does look at me once in awhile but I don't know, also thinks she has a boyfriend but not sure either. But today she was a little sad because her dad was in the hospital and kinda felt bad for her and told her sorry to hear that and she said it was ok. But when she was leaving I told her "I hope everything will be ok" and she said thanks and kinda touch my shoulder and patted me (not sure what this means)

I kinda have a feeling that I came out to "nice" or I am to friendly, because I think most girls don't like friendly or nice guys. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything? I mean if we were good friends I may have vist the hospital to make sure she was ok and her dad.


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  • I think what you did was perfectly fine. She's just an acquaintance, not your girlfriend or anything, so I wouldn't go to the hospital. Ask her tomorrow how's her father doing, and show that you care in small ways, but do not try to flirt with her for at least a few weeks.


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