Guys, who was the first person to fart in your relationship? Lol?

My guy and I have been dating for 3 years and I still can't bring myself to fart in his presence! He has no problem farting in front of me though but that's just a line I can't cross. It sucks because sometimes I really need to but I always just go to another room or just wait until he leaves for work ahaha. I know it sounds super silly but I just want to be "classy" in front of him and don't want him to think I've gotten too comfortable in our relationship. I can literally count the number of times it has happened and it has always been on accident! :P The first time was when I was recovering from a really bad cough and a fart slipped out and he literally died laughing on the spot. The second time was when he was giving me a piggyback ride and I just couldn't hold it in! Each time I died of shame and he kept bringing it up just to mess with me :P What about you? Did you fart first or did your girlfriend?


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  • oh my most recent ex, one time when she was climbing onto my bed looking for something with her butt pointed at my face. She just ripped one really hard, it was at that moment I knew I truly loved her. I miss her so much.

    • Sorry to hear about the "ex" part that sounds pretty funny/embarrassing lol :)

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    • haha I envy you, it sounds like you have a very loving relationship that will last. If anything comes between you guys just remember anything can always be worked out. just have to be willing to put the effort in.

    • Aww, thanks for saying that :) We've had our issues in the past but I think it's important to also be best friends with your partner as well :) He's annoys me to no end though ahaha but in the most lovable way :P you'll find someone who you want to strangle and hug at the same time too ;)

  • Absolutely me. She was hesistant for a while, but she eventually stopped caring.
    I could never complain, mine are far worse than hers.

    • Were either of you embarrassed when it happened? I get embarrassed every single time no matter what lol :)

    • I was a little maybe the first time, but I got over it pretty quickly and now it's just funny to me.
      Same for her, now we both just laugh about it, until we're in the car and I rip one and lock the windows. Then only I am laughing.

    • Ahaha you're so silly :) My boyfriend has no shame but I just blush like crazy and giggle :)

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