What is wrong with him?

Everytime he walks by or is near me, he looks at me. Sometimes until I look at him, sometimes just quickly, and sometimes he just keep staring even if I look over like he was daydreaming looking at me. But he never says Hi or try to initiate a conversation with me. I know, why don't I initiate. I'm not the one staring that's why. And I'm super shy and nervous around people I don't know. So what's wrong with him? Why does he leep staring but not talk?


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  • He's shy. If you're interested, smile and flirt a little. If you're not, the next time he stares at you, stare back at him hard with a RBF until he gets the hint.


What Girls Said 1

  • chances are he's shy and is waiting for you to make a move.

    if you're into the idea of dating him: say hi, tell him your name, and ask him to join you at a group event with a bunch of classmates/coworkers/whatever your relationship is. that way, three's no pressure on either of you.


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