Slowly developing a crush on this guy; Yet I'm unsure about this; Am I overthinking these interactions; How do I stop myself?

In early January in a university class of mine I sat next to this guy in which I had previously never met or spoken to I did not initiate any contact but he simply smiled at me when I sat next to him. A week later I see him in the hallway and he nods a greeting and smiles at me I then come to discover he is in another of my class but simply seats across the room. Then a few weeks goes by and I would seat next to him and we would simply nod a greeting and smile at one another I then caught him staring at me in late January in which I caught him and he simply blushed and kept staring I myself would also stare at him anytime I saw him but ensured he never noticed then at the beginning of this month he initiated a conversation by asking me if I was in his other class and we simply talked about our classes, exams and such and he introduced himself and asked my name and our conversation ended as our lecture began The second week of January in our other class he suddenly decided to sit on my side of the room and I initiated the conversation and then as we left our lecture I told him bye and he looked down and nodded. We then walked towards similar exits and I caught him staring at me once or twice but he didn’t say anything so I didn’t want to bother him and did not initiate any contact Then in our next class later that week he sat right next to me and began the conversation and we chatted, I also initiated the conversation asking him what got him interested in the class and we then chatted and talked about future aspirations career wise in which he shared with me the fact he was unsure on what he wanted to do in the future and got really quiet when saying this He then guessed my future career and he became quite red following the fact that he learnt I wanted to go into law and our lecture resumed so we stopped talking and I initiated a short conversation on our way out of class and then we said our goodbyes. Two weeks ago we had an exam so we didn’t seat next to one
as he sat in another seat but waved at me as he arrived! and then kept turning back and would stare at me when I caught him he turned around or would maintain eye contact, and he just looked a bit sad ! so after we finished the exam he slowly waited for me to come out by standing on the stairs and we chatted a bit and he seemed really happy but also a bit nervous and then we said our goodbyes.
Then today he sat behind me so I initiated the conversations and he just asked me how I felt about my grades on a recent midterm in our other classes and such And keep in mind I sat next to my other girlfriends so I spoke to them mostly and just initiated two conversations with him. As we left class we walked in similar directions towards the exit so he spoke to me a bit more and showed me his grade and just told me how he felt about the class and what he didn’t enjoy and then we chatted.


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  • Yes, I think he has a crush on you.


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