Should I go back with him?

My boyfriend broke up with me because he didn't think I cared enough because I was working and didn't visit him in the hospital enough, it wasn't anything serious. the same day he broke up with me he hung out with his ex girlfriend (who cheated on him when they were together) they were touchy with each other on snapchat so who knows what happened but he now says he wants me back and she wasn't anything. We were together for a while and I don't know what to do?


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  • He sounds really needy and petty. Girl, do not give in to a man who is playing childish games! You don't deserve him, you deserve someone better.

  • He sounds like a spoilt baby. Always needing someone there to see to his every need, and having a tantrum when they aren't.

    If you want to go back to being his beck and call girl, do it, but if it was me I'd stay well away until he'd grown the fuck up.

    Hanging out with his ex right after you broke up? how disrespectful and selfish is that! He just wants someone to constantly massage his ego, he doesn't care who it is.

  • Leave him


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