Am I normal or do I need some help?

Im 26 year old, handsome virgin. I never even went on a date with a woman, never even kissed a woman.

Till I was 23. I was very fat, then I lost weight and became incredibly good looking and cute.

I always had a fantasy of being the 1st boyfriend of a woman, but Now im 26, so all the women I interact with always had some ex, and I get turned off by that and I get cold with that woman, and she is left heartbroken and jaded.

I know this is wrong, but all I want is some help, please help me?

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  • No, you dont have any problem, you just have standards in dating.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Are you serious? You say you can't get a girl but YOU DO GET GIRLS but you break their hearts just because they are not virgins like you?
    Honey, you need to stop thinking that way, open up and try to let these women in your life.
    It's not their fault that they are not virgin like you, I'm sure many would love to be virgin again to just be with you, and it's not fair... well it's still up to you, if you still can't stand the fact that you are meeting women that had exes and stuff, then it will be more difficult to handle yourself and your situation.
    Fact is, you are not supposed to judge people by their past...
    Good luck <3

    • I love you for you great comment, i really appreciate it.
      But, what should I do? I know its wrong, and those women turn into psycho or they completely lose their head once I reject them because of their past,
      I know it is wrong but i just can't help it, you are absolutely right and I know it,
      but my heart just doesn't can't accept the fact that im not her 1st boyfriend.

    • Sweety, I understand completely, and I would go mega psycho with you too if you would reject me... you are so lucky you never met me in real life i would be like :

      You have to deal with the fact that YOU CAN'T BE THE FIRST for everything in life, you can't and you have to deal with it, it's unfair, god knows how many amazing women you lost until now, women that would maybe even make you happy and would be faithful and all...
      Try not to focus on the fact that SHE already had something, why don't you just try to give them a chance, and try to experience intimacy, if you are so good looking I am sure you would wind a woman who agrees to just spend a night with you, so you can at least make a first step... sorry I'm pretty direct...

Most Helpful Guy

  • I would recommend you avoid telling women that you are a virgin. Most find it unattractive and look down on you for it.
    I get that you don't want a girl to be your first and only, while you are like one of 5- 8 other guys they have fooled around with. That being said, at your age you probably won't be able to find a girl who is equally as inexperienced as you are. However, as an alternative you could have a few casual relationships to gain experience before looking to settle down seriously. That way when you won't feel like you missed out or like you got screwed over.


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What Girls Said 6

  • I dont think you have a problem its just that you're trying to make up for a expierience you never got probably because of said weight issue. However i do think you should lighten up on your standards a bit because nine time out of ten, someone interested in you was once interested in someone else. Its okay to want to be first but at your age andif you're dating someone in your age range (hopefully) its probably not likely that you get to be first.

    Instead of focusing on being first try focusing on being the best. Trust me, thatll be enough to make a girl think you were first because you'll be the dominant figure in their mind😉

  • Okay... if it helps im a 25 year old virgin.. although many men find me quite attractive and good looking... im not necessarily looking for a virgin Man just someone i really like and it hasn't happened yet so no its not anything to worry yourself about...

  • You have to realize that not everyone waits til theyre 26. Most women will have had some kind of relationship at that point. Seeing them as less good because of it isn't gonna work out

  • Its perfectly normal. Don't ever underestimate yourself. You are a gem. Any girl would be lucky to have you coz you will give your al to her.

  • You are perfectly normal.

  • Double standards

    • Why you say that?
      Whats double standards in it?

    • You want a virgin, as if virginity makes a woman pure

What Guys Said 1

  • Cases of guys like you are more common than it seems

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