Being too kind, Possible?

I've been trying to find a girlfriend, if not maybe just a good friend who is a girl.. that's not with benefits. I've tried and tried on and off over the years but can't ever get a single reply.

Is it actually possible to be too nice/kind in your first message you send someone? I'm really close to just being done, and giving in.

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  • Sad but most girls think a nice guy is creepy and weird because so many of them are douchebags. All I can say is don't try too hard and still be nice. If you want you can message me and we can practice lol I can tell you what you're doing wrong.

    • That's actually the problem, it's how I am. I never think like a douchebag does, I'm always thinking of others feelings and emotions, I don't want to piss anybody off.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Like assley says nice does not cut it. While they would love to make a good nice guy freind out of you. Woman want a guy who kind of just giving them attention on the side. He has his own thing and he likes her so he tries a bit with her. Jerk like. a lot of guys me included are giving women to much attention and trying to hard.- weird isent that? A lot of woman want a confident guy that they can lay thier head on when he stops for her.
    You need to find a balance between jerk and good guy/date able guy.


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  • just be yourself, dont pretend tk be someone else, if you're true to yourself there will be someone out there to accept who you are😊 just dont lose hope


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