Dating a guy that says he is a retired special ops Ranger. Retired for 12 but was in 14 years. Says he was called back on a hop. Is this possible?

He was called on this hop because he is the only one left of his unit and can identify the target. He says he can be called back until the age of 60 I just don't believe him. I don't know why, just intuition. I want to. So do you think he is just filling me full of crap or am I too cynical.


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  • I dount that anyone in special operations would be so free with information.
    What is his physique like?
    I was active reserve here in Australia for 10 years and did receive a couple of calls, but there are always a few weeks brushing up on skills before one is sent anywhere.
    Being any sort of a soldier is a full-time job, so the skill set needs to be taken to that level before a deployment.
    An experienced soldier could tell you whether or not this man was a bullshit artist by simply watching him walk into a bar and choose where to sit.
    If I had to make a choice, I would say that he was full of shit.

    • Where would he choose to sit? He usually sits so he can see the exits and everyone around if possible. But I do that too, just because I don't like people behind me.

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    • Thanks for your input. He is late 40s, nearing 50. As fat as how he walks into a room or acts, you pretty much nailed it. There was an instance when we were at a bar, a fight broke out and I was apparently in the way. Before I even knew there was a fight, he had moved me out of the way and was then dealing with a belligerent drunk who wanted to fight him. He did have a sense of authority. Never raised his voiced and told the drunk it was a bad idea to take a swing because he wouldn't swing to fight he would take him yo the ground. He then just turned and resumed what we were talking about as if it were a common occurrence. I don't know. As far as the 60 year old issue, I was only told that it was part of the contract that if needed they could be called back until age 60 but it rarely happened due to all the issues you mentioned. I do have to say another friend that was in the army but not considered elite has met him and spoken to him. His only comment was that the person in question has

    • And done shit that was horrible and scary badass at the same time. So, from another solider perspective, he seemed legit with his past. Just hard to believe he would be called back for a short hop this late in life.

  • Unless he's Steven Seagal, that sounds not true.

    • This former soldier agrees with you.

    • @cth96190 I know he was in the army, have seen pictures. Is there a registry of soldiers that receive their ranger tab and where they went from there? I really don't want him to be a liar.

    • I do not know about a registry of soldiers, because I was part of a different army, however the American Legion might be able to point you in a useful direction.

  • Lol that guy is fucking with you. Rangers do not do that. Rangers are a light infantry. As in a lot of guys in his unit would have to die for him to be the only one. Like A LOT of people.

    It sounds like he just watched the film commando.


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